Saturday, October 28, 2006

Crossroads and minorities - Who is a majority?

The Austrian Habsburgs ruled Trieste from 1382-1918, until the city was ceded to Italy after WWII, see; and Slovenia borders Austria - sharing Alps - and Trieste, both.

Slovenes are in a difficult position in Trieste, however, despite the border and their own port adjacent to it. See There was much brutality surrounding the World Wars, and the current resort-oriented flowery reference to the beauty of the city are misleading, if you stop with that. See Proponents of the territorial allocations after WWII note that Trieste was kept from both Tito and Stalin. See That apparently was a main consideration, not the orientations of the people.

For the wars and psychological/economic/political damage undercurrent, see the Potsdam and treaties discussion at See also Germany Road Ways (Potsdam post). Scroll down this site to the section, "The Dark Side - 1945," at

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