Sunday, December 31, 2006

Trieste's Canals - and Kayakers Downtown; History Overview

Trieste is a kind of Venice, with the canals from the bay area, but it is not webbed throughout with them. See the aerial view at

Trieste was part of our Croatia trip - at the northern end of the Istrian Peninsula. We came from the south, Rikeke to Pula -- see Croatia Road Ways. A day and a half, one overnight. Not enough time.

A varied history. The area went between Italy, Slovenia and Croatia in disputes for centuries. After WWII, the Potsdam treaties made Trieste self-governing, but it later went to Italy, see, to the continuing dissatisfaction of many Croatians. Scroll down about 9 paragraphs. For Potsdam, see Germany Road Ways.

This was an area of alleged war crimes, as are many places after wars. For an overview on the topic here, see

For the history of the Trieste events of WWII, see If you get lost in the long address, stop at "wais" and maneuver from there. How I long for direct links. It is hard to find references if you go only to the home page. Do visit any home page, though, so the counters will count you.

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